Acid Tr1p

I keep having to remind myself every time I get like this that you couldn’t care less. Yet it doesn’t process and idk why I’m led to believe otherwise. If you didn’t care then why don’t you just leave me alone.

I’m really hoping me being gone will make things better

I need to stop worrying about you the same way you don’t worry about me.

I deserve every second of this living hell

Everyone around is not going to make time to make you feel better. They’re all trying to deal with their own problems. Gotta make yourself happy one way or another.

The Cure

—The Lovecats


The Cure / The Lovecats

so wonderfully wonderfully wonderfully pretty, oh you know that i’d do anything for you


i wont let this video die

(via jesuschristvevo)

I expect so much from the wrong people

There’s not much more to lose

I’m all I have left

Now I’m left wondering why you are apart of my life. What purpose do you serve me?

Still having the toughest time believing any of this is true. It’s really random. I never saw this coming but I don’t know what to expect from anything or anyone anymore.